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About Dylan Franklin Antique & Vintage jewellery

My passion for jewellery began many, many years ago. Born in England, I have been in the jewellery industry from the age of 18 and cut my teeth on many of the fabulous antique markets in the UK, Newark in Nottinghamshire, Towcester antique and flea market in Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes antique markets in Buckinghamshire are just a few of the markets I travelled throughout the countryside to buy and sell.

Standing in the cold of the English winter for hours, was a small price to pay for the wonderful experience of meeting equally passionate people and trading with them. Don’t get me started on the atmosphere the dealers created with their banter.

Now Based in Western Australia, I have work in the retail jewellery industry for many years.

Now retirement is knocking on the door, I am now enjoying my passion.

At Dylan Franklin, I aim to bring you a curated collection of fabulous pieces collected over many years.

A favourite era of mine is from the twenties to forties. An age filled with elegant pieces designed to look like the real deal, but using less expensive materials such as sterling silver and marcasites. Marcasite gems were considered the poor man’s diamonds and featured heavily in brooches and earrings, perfectly complimenting women’s fashion at the time.

Dylan Franklin prides itself on offering vintage costume jewellery and accessories to suit all budgets, tastes and occasions.

Fashion designers such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy and Christian Dior created exciting flamboyant costume jewellery to compliment their fashion designs. We also choose unsigned items for their exceptional design. This illustrates that vintage costume jewellery pieces can be worn by anyone, everyday.

We hope you enjoy exploring our wonderful world of antique and vintage costume jewellery and we thank you for choosing to shop with us.

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